Giving Back to Our Community

This section is devoted to
helping members of our own community, whose lives have changed, due to an unexpexted circumstance.  And, now, in order to continue with their challenges, they need to adapt in order to
thrive.  Therefore, now, more than ever, they need all the help that they can get, as now, they have a different perspective in their lives.  These are ordinary and regular people that without our help,
you would have never known of.  Even though,
there are so many people out there in need that need our help, we needed to start
somewhere.  In this case, we would like to
start with the people that we know of that is close to us, and that somehow, we
can help.  We would like to introduce to
you and feature a young man, whose life was turned around in an instance.  Please, meet:

Raymundo Rafael Barajas Moreno

Raymundo Rafael Barajas Moreno

Raymundo, as many young people, had many plans for his
life, he was ready to do whatever it took to conquer the world.  He wanted to become a dentist and was studying
Odontology at the University of Sinaloa, (UAS).  Among his dreams was to become successful and
start a new life, form a family and do all the things that he liked doing, his
favorite past time and sport is basketball. 
Like many young people, his world was full of dreams and possibilities.  However, one faithful day, and ironically, Raymundo’s
life was changed in an instance, and as a result, his life, along
with his dreams and plans were changed forever.  

As he was coming back home from a basketball game,
along with his best friend, in Raymundo’s brand-new motorcycle when all of the
sudden a truck came out of nowhere and they were hit. They both went out flying
in the air like rockets. Raymundo’s friend landed in the ground and Raymundo
went out flying straight on the ground towards the border of the sidewalk hitting
his head. Raymundo laid there motionless. His friend wanted to make sure that Raymundo
was okay and tried to aid him, but Raymundo could only move his eyes.  When he was asked by his friend if he was
alright, he said that he could not move, nor feel his body. He was hospitalized
and later was confirmed a quadriplegic.  

Please, click on the following link, so that you can learn and see more
about Raymundo. This is the original video from “The Academy of Special Dreams”,
whom after hearing Raymundo’s story were more than willing to help.  

The following is a link to the Raymundo’s original story from “The Academy of Special Dreams”:

This is the original post about Raymundo from “The Academy of Special Dreams”:

“Hello all, I was born in Mazatlán,
Mexico in 1999.  As a child, I really enjoyed drawing and being active and
I loved playing with friends and family!  My favorite sport is basketball,
so I grew up playing basketball with my friends most of the time. Unfortunately,
while studying a career in Odontology, I had an accident and become paralyzed
from my shoulders down.  I am an artist now!  I use my mouth to
paint.  I am currently taking art classes and I really enjoy the process
to see my artwork developing from beginning to end.  I truly thank
you all that support my art and help me on my way to become a successful artist.  
Enjoy my artwork!”

 “El Gallo”, Rafael’s first work of art.

Thank you in advance to everybody who is able to help Raymundo by supporting and buying his art, so that he can thrive and move on with his life.  Should you would like to get in touch with Raymundo, please let us know and we would love to put you in touch with him. I am sure he will be more than happy to hear from you. 


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