Mazatlán Realty Services provides with Property Management Services for both owners, the ones who reside here in Mazatlán and the ones who live abroad.  Our residential management team services handles a large portfolio of single-family homes and condominiums throughout Mazatlán and surrounding areas with a range of sizes, locations and values.

We are experts in leasing, marketing, accounting and full-service day-to-day rental property management.  With specialized knowledge for homes, condominiums and commercial property, our clients look to us to manage every aspect of their real estate investments.  With our expertise, we keep the process smooth and efficient and we are able to provide top quality service at extremely competitive rates.

Homeowners, investors, and investment firms trust Mazatlán Realty Services as an industry leader in managing their rental property portfolios.  At Mazatlán Realty Services, we specialize in delivering the most cost-effective, innovative and affordable solutions for our clients.